Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sock A Palooza!

Have you ever heard your laundry speaking to you from the other room? Once my laundry reaches a certain height behind the laundry room door and the socks start to creep out from underneath....I begin to hear voices. My first thought is of a flash back from the movie THE BLOB. You know...the gigantic slimy green blob that had a life of its own and overtook everything and anything that crossed its path? My laundry piles start to channel all kinds of emotions and fears in me that quite frankly are from some kind of childhood laundry trauma. I could name a few now, but my blog entry is already leaning on odd....so I'll save those suppressed memories for another entry:)

I got the idea for sock -a-polooza puppets after posting my "dirty laundry" pics on facebook. (pun completely intended) Dozens and dozens of miss-matched socks harboring prime real estate space in my closet sized laundry room. I called all the kids inside (which is rare...because i remember being kicked out of the house..but another day another story I guess..) SO...I usually have more neighbor hood kids in my house than my own children (still trying to figure that one out) so I called them in and dumped the socks all over the kitchen table. I grabbed some Aleene's fabric fusion and googly eyes (how and why I had googly eyes on hand is remarkable and a pure blessing) and said I want to see the faces behind all the voices Ive been hearing from behind the laundry room door. I have never had that much fun with back talking laundry and children that didn't belong to me in my entire motherhood career! I have a different outlook on the spare lonely forgotten mismatched sock found behind the dryer...its now a face without a name with a story all of its own to tell!

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