Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ready for what?.....long pause (I stopped typing for several minutes) so maybe I'm not totally ready but here it goes anyway. I am a wife and a mother of three who should open up her own daily newspaper called the "DAILY ENABLER". I tend to put everyone else's needs and wants in front of my own. I have been "blogging" to myself for the past 4 years and never in a million years thought I should publicize any of it. I'm not ready ...I tell myself and my husband....I'm not ready! Leave me alone and let me be silly and quirky in private please. In all honesty, how could I have time to write if I have piles of laundry in every room and 5 bazillion animals to take care of(make that 4 bazillion.....Abigael the mean ass Beta fish left us this morning) I believe it was old age...why do all the mean people and fish live to a gazillion? Another reason I feel like I'm not ready to blog is because I haven't received my shipment of new brain cells that were fried from being a stay at home Mom for the past 13 years. I seriously forgot how to speak and carry on a conversation with another adult. My brain is still writing checks and using floppy disks...I completely understand how I write..because its how my brain thinks....choppy...complicated and gets stuck on things you were trying to click out of several times. So in honor of my flighty thoughts I'm not letting the left side of my brain hold me back. My laundry will always be in piles...that's how I was raised and that's how I feel comfortable...(Fun rarely = empty laundry baskets) think about it....

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  1. Seriously, please keep are amazing and I want to hear more!